Cost of Living Crisis Impact on Children June 2022

Barnardos. (2022). Cost of Living Crisis Impact on Children June 2022.
For 60 years, we have been supporting and working with children and know the impact of living in deprivation, can have on health, wellbeing and development. The experience of our staff, backed by rigorous research, consistently demonstrates that the impact of poverty on a child can last a lifetime. As the cost of living crisis continues there is a risk that more and more children will spend longer going without the daily essentials of enough food, heat and electricity. As a society, it is unfair and unjust that children are going without these absolute basic necessities. All children across Ireland should be entitled to a decent standard of living. It is vital that Government does the right thing and directs further support to those facing the greatest vulnerabilities. In particular, support needs to be focused at children living in low income families facing disadvantage and specific vulnerabilities.