A Practical Guide to Developing Childcare Policies

Willoughby, M. (2008). A Practical Guide to Developing Childcare Policies. https://knowledge.barnardos.ie/handle/20.500.13085/260
Quality childhood care and education (ECCE)1 is vital for all young children. The aim of this publication is to help childcare service providers to develop a set of policies and procedures that assists in the process of effective management and in the delivery of a quality childcare service. It is important that each service has its own individual policies and procedures specific to the needs and workings of their service. This publication is a useful tool for childcare service providers in developing these, focusing on childcare practice and the related areas that need to be covered in policies and procedures such as Interactions, Child Protection and Behaviour Guidance and Discipline. The book offers guidelines on how to create a set of policies, focusing on why policies are needed, the factors to consider when developing them and the process involved in their development. Once there is a set of policies in place, the other information in this book can be used when considering how best to communicate these with staff members and with the parents/carers using the service. Guidance is also given on how to review and adapt policies as circumstances change. The book is also a practical resource for services where there is already a set of policies in place which they wish to review and update.