Barnardos Online Safety Survey Results: Summary Report 2020. Children. Parents. Teachers.

Barnardos. (2020). Barnardos Online Safety Results: Summary Report 2020. Children. Parents. Teachers.
In September 2019, Barnardos expanded their Online Safety Programme with the support of and embarked on a 4 year plan with the hope of reaching 1000 schools and 75,000 children with online safety workshops for children, parents and teachers. We offer four workshops in a day (online or face to face) for 50 euro a day and our workshops signpost to Be Internet Legends, a Google online resource that schools can use as wrap-around materials. In our pilot year, we had intended to have a face to face consultation with children, young people, parents and teachers and ask our target audience their thoughts on online safety. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this face to face consultation couldn’t take place and instead, we had a survey that asked similar questions to our intended audience (children aged 8+, parents and teachers). Their responses will inform our programme and make sure our workshops on online safety are relevant, useful and meeting the needs of the participants. Although most of the questions in this survey relate to online safety concerns, we did take the opportunity to ask some questions about Digital Learning during lockdown. We were especially interested in hearing how it was working, if children/teachers/parents liked this new way of learning and if technology was helping. The survey was open from the 9th to 23rd June 2020 and was launched on social media (Twitter/Linkedin/Facebook). It was also sent to 130 schools who had been in touch with Barnardos Online Safety Programme in its pilot year (Sep-March 2020). Our plan was that schools would pass on the surveys to parents, who would then, in turn, help their own children fill out their survey. It was our hope that by sending this survey to both parents and children, it would initiate conversations about online safety in the household. Increased communication between parents and children about online safety is one of the major aims of our programme. In total, our small scale survey received responses from 243 parents, 77 teachers and 84 children (65 primary school age, 19 secondary school age). There was a broad geographical spread – 61% of respondents were from Leinster, 10% from Munster, 27% from Connaught and 1% from Ulster.