Employment Potential Within the Childcare Sector

O'Sullivan, M. (1998). Employment Potential Within the Childcare Sector. https://knowledge.barnardos.ie/handle/20.500.13085/433
This research examines the area of pre-school and after-school child care provision as sources of potential employment. Towards that end, an overview of recent reports and studies at national and EU level dealing with developments in child care, employment equality and family related areas is initially presented. A number of indicators and projections of the need and demand for child care services are offered with a view to establishing the potential for employment within this sector. This potential is investigated in a more concrete context by means of a comprehensive survey of parents' use of pre-school and after-school services in Limerick city and county. Current participation in these services is contrasted with parents' expressed preferences if more affordable and convenient child care places were available. The findings are further complemented by two micro surveys exploring parents' needs for a child care service in two specific communities. The research concludes with a telephone survey investigating the current provision of child care facilities for employees by companies in the Shannon area.