Children's Books for Special Needs: First Experiences

Barnardos. (2000). Children's Books for Special Needs: First Experiences.
Did you ever face something new, and wish that someone had taken a few minutes to discuss with you what was going to happen, or how you might feel? The books contained in this list are just for that. Aimed at children from 0-11 years of age, the books cover a broad range of subjects from Potty Time, an illustrated book around potty training, to titles such as Hospital and Moving which are collections of letters, stories and discussions around going to hospital and moving home. The books identified in this list address a broad range of subjects, from those easily recognised as new experiences like first day at school, going to the dentist, or a new baby in the family. It also looks at situations which can be equally confusing and hard to work out such as, “What is a wedding?” (Milly's Wedding), “A new bike – great, but what do I do?” (The Magical Bicycle) and "Do I want to stay in someone else's house?” (Edward's First Night Away). Throughout our lives we all face new situations; as we grow older, knowledge and past experiences equip us to deal with these. This booklet gives us the opportunity to prepare the children in our care for some of their first experiences, giving both the child and adult the necessary vocabulary and illustrations to discuss these experiences and make them fun. All we have to do is think of one past experience that could have been improved on with a little preparation to realise how valuable these 'first experiences' are. Take a look for yourself and then enjoy sharing and supporting a child in your life through a positive first experience.