Renewing Teamwork on the Return to Early Learning and Care

Barnardos. (ND). Renewing Teamwork on the Return to Early Learning and Care.
Good teamwork has benefits for everyone in early learning and care, including educators, children and families. Starting back to work in the current circumstances after Covid19 lockdown is likely to be stressful, making teamwork more important than ever. Having been physically apart from your colleagues for so long and with the new ‘play-pod’ system in place, you may find it challenging to re establish the culture of teamwork you had previously. There may also have been aspects of your teamwork that needed development before the lockdown period. Even if you are lucky enough to still have your full team, it is common for established, well-functioning teams to fall back to early stages of team development (forming or storming) when faced with major change or challenges. This guide will support you to renew or create the features of good, supportive teamwork that can make your work with young children and their families easier and more effective, especially in these challenging times.