Children's Books for Special Needs: Bullying

Barnardos, Fingal County Libraries. (2000). Children's Books for Special Needs: Bullying.
Many if not most children will experience bullying during their childhood. For some it’s a fleeting but painful event, for others a persistent, frightening and ultimately damaging experience. Children are bullied for being too short, too tall, being a boy or a girl, having an unusual name, their skin or hair colour. The list is endless – in fact, children are bullied for anything the bully may identify as an excuse to victimise them. Of course, the bully himself is often deeply insecure and unhappy but knows no way out of his antisocial behaviour. The effect of persistent bullying on children is well documented and we know that it can literally devastate a childhood. Victims of bullying are often scarred by their experience and continue to suffer effects into adulthood. In extreme cases, where children found themselves isolated and without help, bullying has led to suicide. As adults, parents, teachers and carers we have a responsibility to protect our children from bullying and also to guide the bullying child. This is not always easy, as bullying is often a secret activity with the victim too scared or embarrassed to talk about his/her suffering. This booklet, with selected literature and useful contacts, will help children and adults to talk about bullying and explore strategies to overcome the bullies. It may also help the bully to view his/her behaviour from a victim’s perspective.