Who Cares About Our Under 5s?

Barnardos. (1990). Who Cares About Our Under 5s? https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.13085/1292
In 1989 the Combat Poverty Agency funded research commissioned by OMEP into pre-school provision in the greater Dublin area. The research work was carried out by Dr Jo Murphy-Lawless of SUS Research and a report entitled ‘Playing for Keeps’ was published in the Autumn of 1989. Much of the research work for the report had been carried out in Tallaght with parents, playgroup leaders and workers involved in the child-care field. Dr Murphy-Lawless, at the request of Barnardo’s, held a workshop in St Muirin’s House, Tallaght, on the research findings. From this workshop a planning group decided to highlight the report’s findings through a seminar which would also raise the issue of funding for services for the Under-Five’s in Tallaght.