WorldForum 2001 Proceedings: The Children’s Agenda - Familiar Issues, Emerging Concerns

Barnardos. (2002). WorldForum 2001 Proceedings: The Children’s Agenda - Familiar Issues, Emerging Concerns.
The International Forum for Child Welfare is an international non-governmental organisation dedicated to the promotion of the rights and well being of children globally which recognises the contribution of effective leadership in the challenge of making the world a better place for children and young people. IFCW is founded on respect for children's rights and committed to responding to their needs. Comprising leading child welfare organisations throughout the world, IFCW believes that by strengthening the capacity of organisations, through leadership development, identification and exchange of effective practice and promotion of collaborative partnerships, children’s well being can be significantly enhanced. IECW's membership includes child welfare NGOs providing direct programmes to vulnerable children, and umbrella organisations of child welfare NGOs in many countries. It is estimated that the combined total of organisations in either direct or indirect membership is more than 2000. Collectively these organisations are working with in excess of 5 million children and 3.5 million adults. They have a combined annual expenditure of more than USS1billion and employ approximately 250,000 paid staff and one million volunteers. IFCW and its members work with and represent all children regardless of ethnicity, language, religion, sex, political or social status. it is the only global network of nongovernmental organisations concerned exclusively with children, taking a “whole child” perspective, and underpinned by a commitment to children’s rights. Fundamentally, IFCW recognises the importance of developing the capacities of organisations if better outcomes for children are to be achieved and sustained.