Personnel Practice in Early Years Services - A Guide

Byrne, M. (2002). Personnel Practice in Early Years Services - A Guide.
Being an employer is not an easy task; apart from managing and developing your service, you are responsible for the children in your care on a day-to-day basis, working with their parents, and last but not least your staff. Most employers within the childcare sector would fall into the category of a small employer. The growth and economic boom, until recently in the working environment — and skills shortages — makes it a particular challenge then, that employers set and maintain standards of quality and best practice. These standards must also extend to the quality of staff employed and their working environments, facilitated and developed by you, their employer. There are a number of ways that employers can ensure best practice and quality standards within personnel, and this Guide should assist you in taking the first steps. Other means of ensuring quality might include benchmarking, quality marks, ISO 9000 and Excellence Through People Awards. Services should always strive to ensure quality standards and best practice — they do need time and resources to implement, but this should not inhibit employers from striving to achieve better standards. Managing staff, and the related employment legislation, is a complex area of work. Childcare services differ in terms of structure and delivery of services. However, the treatment of employees should not differ from service to service. Employees should be treated with respect, fairness, equality and concern for their well being.