Analysis of Budget 2014 from a Children and Families Perspective

Barnardos.(2013). Analysis of Budget 2014 from a Children and Families Perspective.
Barnardos welcomes some key measures announced in Budget 2014 particularly those that will ease the financial burden on many hard pressed families. The introduction of practical measures such as free GP care to the under fives and the roll out of school book rental schemes in primary schools are very welcome. After seven harsh austerity budgets that left many families reeling, the retaining of social welfare rates, including Child Benefit, at current levels are also welcome. However, other measures will have an adverse affect on expectant mothers, young single unemployed people and some medical card holders. And while some funding has been allocated to improve quality in pre-school settings, this sector continues to be plagued by under-investment meaning Ireland will continue to lag behind its EU counterparts in having a comprehensive, quality, affordable and accessible sector across all settings.