2017 Pre Budget Submission

Barnardos. (2016). 2017 Pre Budget Submission. https://knowledge.barnardos.ie/handle/20.500.13085/439
Budget 2017 presents an opportunity which must not be wasted. Not only will this be the first budget of a new government undertaking a collaborative approach to governing as a minority, but it also cements the return to prosperity so often discussed during the last year yet so little felt by real people. Minister for Finance Michael Noonan confirmed recently, Ireland is the fastest growing economy of the EU-28 countries. Initially the commitment in the Programme for Partnership Government to €6.75 billion in additional spending on public services by 2021 appears welcome; but it amounts to an increase of 10% over the lifetime of the Government or just 2% per year, which is woefully inadequate to even meet demographic changes. The Programme heavily references the importance of prevention and early intervention, investment in early years and improvement of primary care (to name a few key priorities); however it is very short on detail.