A Practical Guide to Developing Childcare Policies: Book 2

Willoughby, M. (2010). A Practical Guide to Developing Childcare Policies: Book 2. https://knowledge.barnardos.ie/handle/20.500.13085/259
In 2008, Barnardos published A Practical Guide to Developing Childcare Policies which provides practical guidance and information to those undertaking the process of developing, or reviewing and updating, a set of policies for a childcare service. The publication gives practical information and provides useful tools and templates to support early years service providers to develop their policies. It has a CD attached which includes 15 sample policies/policy templates for use as tools to inform the development of these 15 practice-based policies. This is the second part of that publication, which offers a further 10 policy samples/templates covering 10 different areas of service provision such as Records and Record Keeping, Confidentiality and Information Sharing, Recruitment and Selection. It also provides an update on some of the more recent developments in the early years sector, which are directly related to the operation of a quality service and therefore to policy development. It is important to reiterate here that a childcare service’s policies and procedures should be specific to what is needed by that particular service and its context/circumstances. The sample policies included in this publication are therefore not intended to be used as they are presented, but to be used as samples/templates that are adapted by childcare service providers to meet their particular requirements. The templates are provided to support the content, wording and layout of a service’s own policies and procedures.