Supporting Young Children Experiencing Adversity During Covid 19

Barnardos. (2021). Supporting Young Children Experiencing Adversity During Covid 19.
In most early years settings there are children who live in situations where there are risk factors for their wellbeing, learning and development. Such risk factors include poverty and social isolation, discrimination, parental mental illness, homelessness, alcohol or drug addiction, domestic abuse, death and loss. Some children have experienced inconsistent parenting and some have experienced physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse and/or neglect. Covid 19 has also become a risk factor for children and some children have been more adversely affected than others by the impact of Covid 19 since it began. For many children such adversity is new, while for others, negative impacts of Covid 19 have been added to adversities they were already experiencing. A lack of access to the supports usually available in the community means that, for those families who would normally avail of such supports, the pressures are even greater. As an early years educator, it is essential that you have an understanding of the kinds of stresses and challenges children and their families may be experiencing in their everyday lives and the impacts these have on children’s wellbeing, learning and development so you can fully support the child while they are in the setting.