Barnardos Manifesto regarding General Election 2020

Barnardos. (2020). Barnardos Manifesto regarding General Election 2020.
The children and families that Barnardos work with have been affected by traumatic life events such as abuse, parental mental health, bereavement and addiction. In 2019, we saw a marked increase in the number of children being referred to our services with more complex needs. While most children in Ireland are doing well, at least one-fifth have poor economic, social and educational outcomes. This group must be a priority for the next government. Successive governments and the political system is failing to adequately address the complex issues facing this cohort of children. Through targeted investment and reform, the next government can ensure that public services deliver a real and sustainable change for families. The priorities set out in our manifesto are based on our work with over 18,000 children and families across Ireland and our experience and expertise in this area.