Promoting Positive Behaviour Guidelines

Barnardos. (2011). Promoting Positive Behaviour Guidelines.
These guidelines were developed by Barnardos to guide staff and managers with the application of our promoting positive behaviour policy (2011). This policy outlines Barnardos’ commitment to an approach of social-emotional coaching as this has been demonstrated to promote emotional understanding, problem-solving and help children develop the skills which are needed for effective self-regulation. The foundation of this approach is the use of the teaching pyramid which is a mix of promotion strategies, induction strategies and some external control strategies where needed. This document contains information about the promoting positive behaviour approach, more specifically social-emotional skill development, and considerable detail on the application of the teaching pyramid in practice. These guidelines can be used both with individuals and in group contexts. The final section focuses on how they apply across different age groups i.e. Best Start (0-5 years), Best Chance (6-12 years), Best Choice (13-18 years) and Adults.