Early Years Teams: Working Together During Covid-19 Crisis

Barnardos. (ND). Early Years Teams: Working Together During Covid-19 Crisis. https://knowledge.barnardos.ie/handle/20.500.13085/152
In these times of uncertainty, we recognise that the stress coming from the closure of services has affected everyone in the Early Learning and Care sector and it has been an upsetting time for all. It has also changed the face of our work for the foreseeable future and we are all trying our best to adapt. Managers/owners will be trying to negotiate new changes and make good decisions both for the team and for the setting as a whole. Team members will understand that it is a stressful time for managers/owners and will also have their own fears and worries. It is especially important at this time for the whole team, managers, educators and auxiliary staff, to maintain relationships by staying connected. Managers, show your team how much you value them. Trusting relationships are built upon openness so if you don’t have the answers to questions being asked, be honest about this. Tell team members that you will try find out for them. Educators can also be proactive in providing ideas, information and support at any meetings you have. You may be able to take on supportive roles to assist the manager in carrying out tasks. Also, you can stay in contact with your co-workers and not just the people you are friendly with. This peer support can assist people to feel valued and connected.