Big Active Information Booklet

Barnardos, (2022). Big Active Information Booklet.
The Barnardos Big Active is a brand new, schools-focused initiative launched with the kind support of Aldi. The initiative aims to get children active all over the country as part of a month-long challenge that takes a holistic approach to supporting the wellbeing of your students. It contains three components that focus on their physical wellbeing, their mental health and the community around them. We call those ‘Body’, ‘Mind’ and ‘Heart’ respectively. The key activity encourages students to complete a physical challenge such as walking or running a mini marathon in one month, which is the Body component. This physical challenge, which encourages children to develop and strengthen their body and self-confidence, can take place wherever and whenever suits during your Big Active month. To encourage a holistic approach we provide classroom exercises for the Mind component. These include specific classroom based anxiety reducing strategies such as muscle relaxation, breathing and positive self-talk — all to support the Mind. Participating students are encouraged to donate a nominal fee of €2 to Barnardos of participants have the option to raise money for our core work with vulnerable families and children through a class-sponsored challenge. This is a wonderful way to introduce children to the positive activity of fundraising and the importance of charity - which supports the Heart. By taking part in this uplifting campaign your students will learn to observe the effect that exercise has on their mental and physical health. They will discover how to incorporate age-appropriate exercises specifically designed to reduce anxiety, stress and worry in their daily lives. They will also learn how giving back to their community can be just as rewarding for them as for others, why giving to charity feels great and how to do it in an informed way.