After School + A Practice Guide for Providers

Holt, S., & Pugh, E. (2004). After School + A Practice Guide for Providers.
Growing numbers of Irish children are spending their after school time in the care of people other than their parents. There are many different ways children and young people are cared for after school finishes in Ireland, including childminders, creches, school provision (activities such as dancing/music/drama), homework clubs, and community based after school projects. Community based after school projects provide an accessible and affordable service, meeting the needs of children, and the needs of the local community, within that community. This type of service may also be known as `after school care', `out-of-school care', `after school clubs', or `summer schemes'. The Report of the Working Group on School Age Childcare defines this type of childcare provision as "childcare for school going children provided outside of normal school hours where the same children attend the childcare facility on a regular basis and access to the service is clearly defined by agreement with parents and guardians" (2004, forthcoming). Another definition is provided by the European Commission Network on School Age Childcare which defines it as ªservices which take over the responsibility for children when school is over but parents are not available - whether because they are working or for other reasons".