Childcare in Disadvantaged Areas: A Partnership Approach to Viability

Barnardos. (1998). Childcare in Disadvantaged Areas: A Partnership Approach to Viability.
This study examines the commercial viability of providing child care facilities in disadvantaged areas in Ireland. This research project is divided into three stages. The initial stage of the research reports the results of a survey among eighteen child care projects and identifies the elements necessary for the creation of sustainable child care provision. An in-depth study of four child care centres is presented and each facility is assessed in the context of the factors indicated by the survey. The final section of the research examines the attitudes of thirty four County Enterprise Boards towards the establishment and funding of child care projects in their respective areas. The evidence indicates that child care centres in disadvantaged areas are not financially viable as independent business ventures. The data demonstrates the necessity for a partnership of local and national interests contributing to the provision of child care facilities. This partnership model is the basis on which the recommendations of this study are made.