Waiting List Report

Barnardos. (2017). Waiting list report. https://knowledge.barnardos.ie/handle/20.500.13085/130
In spring 2017 Barnardos’ ‘Waiting Lists Affect Child Development’ policy-briefing examined the existing state of waiting lists for a number of children’s health services and the impact they are having on children’s development. We found widespread inconsistencies in the delivery of some children’s health services. These inconsistencies mean children’s access to healthcare is determined by where they live or if their parents can afford private treatment. Delayed treatment can have profound effects for a child’s health, development and well-being. All children deserve equitable access to healthcare, timely assessment of their need and treatment without delay. Barnardos is now revisiting our examination of waiting lists to determine if there has been any improvement for the thousands of children waiting for treatment.