Guidance for Childminders: Providing for Play

Barnardos. (2020). Guidance for Childminders: Providing for Play.
Play is of great importance to children, not only for the enjoyment and fun it affords, but also for the powerful contribution it makes to their learning and development. Everyone who cares for and educates children needs to recognise the value and importance of play, and the many benefits it offers. As a childminder, you are, along with parents, one of a child’s first teachers and a main supporter of their learning. You have an important role in creating the space and opportunities for their learning through play, and while the provision of play opportunities is not complicated or expensive, it does need some thought. This is especially important for the youngest children in your care. This resource highlights the value of play and offers guidance on how you can provide rich opportunities for children to experience high quality play, both indoors and outdoors.