Evaluation of The Childhood Domestic Violence & Abuse Project

Elliffe, R., Greene, J., & Keegan, O. (2021). Evaluation of The Childhood Domestic Violence & Abuse Project. https://knowledge.barnardos.ie/handle/20.500.13085/466
The Childhood Domestic Violence and Abuse (CDVA) Project aims to assist in increasing the visibility of childhood domestic abuse; supporting a collective and collaborative approach to identifying the needs of children; and delivering effective services in response. This project is hosted by Barnardos, and funded by the National Tusla Domestic Sexual and Gender Based Violence team. The CDVA was independently evaluated by researchers at Trinity College Dublin in 2021 in order to review the project in terms of its overall aims and to inform the future development of the project. A process evaluation utilising a mixed-methods analytic framework was conducted, incorporating the views of those involved in the implementation of the project, key stakeholders and participating members. The findings indicated a number of project successes and scope for development. The findings informed a number of key recommendations, including the importance of keeping the work child-centred, boosting visibility of the issue of childhood domestic violence through education and knowledge sharing, and supporting the expansion of the project through clarity of purpose and goals, and ongoing purposeful collaboration.