Advocacy Paper on Separated Children

Barnardos. (2011). Advocacy Paper on Separated Children.
Historically, there has been a lack of child centred approach in dealing with separated children in Ireland, with too much emphasis placed on the immigration status of the child rather than the interests of the child. This approach has impacted negatively on the quality of care given to separated children in the State. Previously, hostels for separated children did not have round the clock trained childcare workers on site and were instead run by managers and security personnel. The HSE social work team provided social work services to separated children in these hostels on a Monday to Friday office hour basis, meaning that during the evenings and weekends, the young people had no access to care supports. The lack of adequate round the clock care staff in the hostels and the absence of a proper inspection regime meant that, amongst other shortcomings, significant numbers of separated children went missing from care over the last few years and some still remain unaccounted for.