Supporting the Wellbeing of Children from Ukraine: Transitions into School Age Childcare Settings

Barnardos. (2022). Supporting the Wellbeing of Children from Ukraine: Transitions into School Age Childcare Settings.
Attending school and school age childcare (SAC) is an important symbol of recovery and resilience for children and parents coming from Ukraine. As SAC settings in Ireland welcome children and families, it is important to recognise the key role that supportive transitions play in children’s wellbeing. While attendance at school and an SAC service is a key step towards a return to normalcy for children and their families, settling in needs to be carefully planned. The transition into a new SAC setting can be stressful for any child and their parents, but it may be more difficult for a child and family from Ukraine, especially if they have experienced trauma. A school age childcare setting needs to be a place where children can relax, have fun and engage in recreation. All children, and particularly those dealing with so much change in their lives, need opportunities for play and relaxation with other children. The relationships that children develop with both the adults and other children who attend the setting will be crucial for their successful settling in and for their wellbeing and development. It is likely you already have policies and practices in place in your setting to ensure that children are supported in a sensitive way to settle in as smoothly as possible and begin to form positive relationships. You will play a key role in helping children and families to cope with change and to feel welcome and connected, as well as supporting children who have experienced trauma to feel safe, calm and secure. This resource highlights some of the key things to consider as you support children and families coming from Ukraine to settle into your setting.