Search & Reunion Series: The Journey - Some Possible Outcomes

Barnardos & Council of Irish Adoption Agencies. (1995). Search & Reunion Series: The Journey - Some Possible Outcomes.
In the past the granting of an adoption order generally meant that contact with the adoption agency ceased. As more and more people return to agencies seeking information a new openness has developed and agencies welcome contact from anyone involved in the original adoption process. Many people hoping to obtain information concerning their families of origin or to meet their birth mother/father have questions on the possible outcomes that may arise from their search. This booklet seeks to offer some information and help in this area. Although it is written primarily for people who were adopted, fostered or raised in residential care, es it may also answer some of the queries of birth families and adoptive families who wish to know more about the subject. The order in which the list of possible outcomes is presented is not intended to indicate that any one outcome is more likely than another.