Children's Books for Special Needs: Death and Bereavement

Barnardos & Fingal County Libraries. (2000). Children's Books for Special Needs: Death and Bereavement.
Talking with children about death and dying is so important. Sometimes it is difficult to find the words that allow you and the child to talk, and to listen to one another about loving and losing. Children’s literature, replete with themes of loss, provides a guiding hand to tell the story, to confront fears, to allow the questions to emerge. Dragons, butterflies and children themselves, weave their way through tales of sadness, anger and transformation. Who better than these colourful characters to encourage us to take the time and be sensitive to the needs of children? Young children identify with the characters and begin to understand their world. However, understanding in itself is not enough. Many of you who read these books with your children will have been bereaved. Spending time with your children in this way will also help alleviate both yours and their pain. You and they are not alone but share the story of the person you have loved and lost.