Cost of Living Crisis - Impact on Children

Barnardos. (2023). Cost of Living Crisis - Impact on Children.
We have been monitoring the impact of cost of living increases on families and children over the past 18 months. This report outlines the impact that cost of living increases has had on children and families across the country over the past six months, through a nationally representative survey of parents (315) carried out by Amarach Research and 30 one to one interviews with parents who are currently supported through Barnardos services, both conducted in April this year. We outline in detail the number of families who are cutting back and going without due to increases in cost of living, the struggles families are facing and the impact it is having on their children. We set out the immediate and longer-term solutions the government should adopt to combat this crisis1. All case studies and parental quotes are taken directly from parents interviewed or Barnardos front line staff. The findings below show that families across the country are struggling to provide their children with essentials such as heating, electricity, food and clothing. Many families are constantly trying to keep their heads above water, living day to day, struggling to keep their children from being pulled into deprivation. For some, the cost of living crisis has drastically affected their standard of living and the quality of their childhood.