The Adoption Advice Service - Dublin: The First Ten Years 1977 - 1987

Lefroy, L. (1987).The Adoption Advice Service - Dublin: The First Ten Years 1977 - 1987.
Barnardo's is an independent child care charity. It aims to provide and develop in consultation with statutory and other agencies, and in partnership with parents, selected services for children and young people in need and their families on a regional basis. These services, by their nature and by evaluation of their effectiveness should endeavour to extend knowledge and improve practice. This aim places a special obligation on Barnardo's as a voluntary organisation both to develop new services for children and families and also to share our knowledge and experience. It is difficult to appreciate the changes in the knowledge and practice of adoption in Ireland over a decade. In this report Laetitia Lefroy traces the thread of change and its implication for all involved with adoption. The section in the report about the future is very relevant for legislators and policy makers as we enter a period of open debate about the future of adoption in Ireland.