Why Gender Matters in Child Welfare and Protection

Gibbons, N. (2011). Why Gender Matters in Child Welfare and Protection. https://knowledge.barnardos.ie/handle/20.500.13085/509
One quarter of the population of Ireland are children and young people aged 18 and under, over 1,107,034 and Ireland has a higher proportion of children and young people under 18 than any other EU member state. In 2009 the last year for which figures have been published 91,954 children were living in consistent poverty in Ireland an increase of 26,684 on 2008 figures. In Ireland today there are 6,122 children in care (April 2011). We have more than 12,000 that are known to the care system – that is, where an expression of concern has been made to the HSE about their wellbeing. Those figures are not presented broken down into gender but it would be interesting to have them in that format. Children in residential care inspected by HIQA show that boys were more likely to be in residential care than girls. We know there are many other children where there are concerns held by family members and/or professionals but have not as yet been communicated to the HSE.