Stand for Children: The Children's Manifesto

Barnardos. (2011). Stand for Children: The Children's Manifesto.
Children have been set low on the list of political priorities in Ireland for far too long. Too often they have been sidelined and voiceless. Those living in communities who are disenfranchised and marginalised are even further away from the political table. We need to change our approach to tackling issues of poverty, disadvantage and child protection. We must look to systems and services that promote prevention and early intervention that can offset the impact of disadvantage and turn children’s lives around. Change takes vision, courage and leadership. It won’t be easy; there are many competing demands on Government. But with the right leadership, significant change is possible. Children are the inspiration and hope for the future of Ireland. We work with many children whose courage and hope in the face of considerable challenges would put most adults to shame. They are worth fighting for; worth changing for. Our children deserve nothing less than a Government that stands up for them. A Government that gives them a world to wonder at, one full of hope, possibility and opportunity. Barnardos believes in the power of one adult to change a child’s life; we see that power at work every day in our projects across the country. Politicians are powerful adults; election 2011 holds possibility for real and lasting change that can improve countless children’s. Children don’t vote but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be heard. We have one request for politicians in Election 2011: stand for children.