Continuing Professional Development in Early Learning and Care

Barnardos; National Childhood Network (2021). Continuing Professional Development in Early Learning and Care.
There are benefits to any kind of learning, whether this is learning a new skill, such as how to cook a new recipe or how to change a tyre, or theoretical learning that helps us develop in our professional role. Learning something new gives us a sense of achievement, supports us to meet challenges, helps us to know ourselves and others better, and it can be fun. This guide, developed by Barnardos and the National Childhood Network, will help you, a newly qualified early childhood professional, to begin to use Continuing Professional Development (CPD), the name given to work-related learning that goes on throughout our professional lives. As a lifelong learner you can take charge of and guide your own learning and development in whatever way best suits you. This process is something that will help to fulfil you in your professional work with children and also help towards your own personal fulfilment. Through the information provided in this guide, you will find out about the role of CPD in your life and its value to you. You will also learn how to identify your learning needs, both individually and with the support of your setting, and how to choose and plan appropriate CPD for those needs. Finally, you will discover how you can bring what you have learned into your professional practice to ensure you provide quality learning and care for the children you work with.