Childcare Practice for Voluntary Management Committees

Barnardos. (2009). Childcare Practice for Voluntary Management Committees.
This book and the accompanying CD are a training resource pack to support the provision of training to members of Voluntary Childcare Management Committees. The purpose is to provide some of the specialised knowledge Voluntary Childcare Management Committee Members need to effectively manage the provision of quality community childcare services. Voluntary Childcare Management Committee Members need to have a broad understanding of the welfare and development needs of children, particularly those in group care. They also need to know what characteristics, training and supports staff members need to have to be appropriately qualified to provide quality care. They need this information so that they can take the steps necessary to ensure that they recruit staff members who will have the capacity to provide quality childcare and so that they, as the service managers, can adequately provide the appropriate supports, training and resources for the staff to carry out their important task. This training resource is intended to be used by those whose role is to support community childcare service providers, such as the staff of City/County Childcare Committees, childcare development workers, childcare service managers, childcare trainers or others, as a tool to present a workshop to those who are considering taking on the role of Voluntary Childcare Management Committee Member or who have recently become new Voluntary Childcare Management Committee Members. It can also, of course, be used for existing Committee Members.