Evaluation of the Partnership with Parents Programme

Connolly, N., Adams, K., & Fleming, P. (2019). Evaluation of the Partnership with Parents Programme. https://knowledge.barnardos.ie/handle/20.500.13085/463
Partnership with Parents (PwP) is an intensive, home-based, one-to-one parenting support programme for parents with multiple and complex needs, developed by Barnardos Ireland. Following the design and piloting of the programme, PwP was implemented across Barnardos services, leading to a formal evaluation of the programme. A mixed method cohort evaluation of PwP took place over a two-year period, from September 2016 to September 2018, with data spanning a six-year period (2012–2018). The Final Report shows that PwP is a very promising intervention with evidence of positive outcomes for the parents and children. The evidence demonstrates how the unique design and implementation of PwP works well within the complex, real world, everyday lives of parents. Furthermore, the programme works well across a wide range of presenting needs, and the design allows flexibility to navigate changing or evolving needs over time.