Child Care Act 1991 - Part VII: Supervision of Pre-School Services

Canavan, A. & Gibbons, N. (1997). Child Care Act 1991 - Part VII: Supervision of Pre-School Services.
The introduction of the Child Care (Pre-School Services) Regulations 1996 was generally welcomed as a first step in applying statutory controls to the pre-school sector. The challenge now for those charged with implementation of the regulations is to ensure that: - Information is provided to parents and providers of pre-school services - Implementation of the regulations is carried out in a comprehensive way that is sensitive to the needs of children, parents, service providers and staff in the pre-school services - Standards are maintained and further enhanced through the implementation of the regulations so that children attending a pre-school service experience a quality service. This training manual is published by Barnardo's National Children’s Resource Centre under the terms of its mission statement to provide information and advice to individuals and groups who work with children. It is a response to the many enquiries received by our service for information and training on this subject. Apart from covering the legislation and attendant regulations, this manual strives to encapsulate the important elements of good practice that help to ensure the quality of care provided in pre-school services. The manual strives to provide the opportunity for participants to integrate the theory and practice of pre-school care. It offers an overall ethos to participants about adults working directly with children. It aims to develop good working practices which are underpinned by respect for the child, recognition of the child as a person with rights, and the knowledge that children are individuals, with different needs, abilities and disabilities, cultures and religions. Such differences should be valued and responded to in an anti-discriminatory way which will support and foster a positive self image in children, and provide a good child care experience.