Barnardos Children’s Budget 2024

Barnardos. (2023). Barnardos Children’s Budget 2024.
Continued cost of living increases over the past 12 months have pulled more and more children into poverty and deprivation, placed increased pressure on parents and decreased the standard of living for a significant proportion of families across the country. The longer children live in poverty and deprivation, the greater an impact it will have on their health, wellbeing, and future development. Growing up in poverty can negatively affect the entire life course of a child, limiting opportunities and making it more difficult for them to realise their full emotional, educational, and social potential. Budget 2024 must prioritise those most disadvantaged by inflation, targeting support measures at those most vulnerable. The Government must provide an appropriate safety net to ensure that all children are guaranteed a decent standard of living. Additionally the government needs to make sure that families, once they have secured sufficient finances, have the support they need to address issues in their lives. The Taoiseach stated at the National Economic Development Forum last month that child poverty and well-being would be a major theme of Budget 2024. This is alongside the establishment of the Child Poverty and Wellbeing Programme Office within the Department of the Taoiseach1. Budget 2024 must follow through on this commitment and introduce measures that will make a real difference to children facing disadvantage across Ireland, improve their standard of living and help them reach their full potential.