School Costs Survey Results

Barnardos. (2011). School Costs Survey Results.
Over the past 3 years, Ireland has seen countless job losses, home repossessions and soaring emigration rates. There have been numerous personal tragedies for those caught at the front line of the economic downturn. We are continuously being told by Government, both old and new, that we have to do more with less, that cutbacks across the board are necessary, inevitable and unquestionable. The impact of this recession is all around us. Yet much of the impact is yet to be felt. Barnardos believes that the aftershock of recession is likely to be most felt in the futures of children currently in the education system, in particular those children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with special needs. Cuts to school budgets, to language support teachers, special needs assistants and other crucial services have whittled away our national efforts to build a level playing field in Ireland’s education system. The rising costs of sending children to school are adding to this. Barnardos is concerned that many children are being priced out of the market when it comes to education.