Guidance for Childminders: Stories and Storytelling

Barnardos. (2020). Guidance for Childminders: Stories and Storytelling.
People have been telling stories throughout history, long before we began writing them down. Telling stories is an important way to share and interpret experiences, and to help us to develop a better understanding of the world and the people in it. Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. Children are never too young for stories and they have an innate love of stories that create magic and a sense of wonder at the world. Developing and maintaining a good relationship with the children you care for and doing all you can to support their wellbeing, learning and development is hugely important. Storytelling and story reading are among the most enjoyable ways to do this. Sharing stories is a really good way to spend quality time with the children you care for and to strengthen the bond they have with you, helping them to feel cared for and closer to you. This resource outlines how stories support children’s learning and development, and offers guidance on ways to engage children and make the most of the stories you tell them.