School Costs Survey Briefing

Barnardos. (2014). School Costs Survey Briefing.
Barnardos’ School Costs Survey, now in its ninth year, uses information from parents to assess the real cost of getting their children ready to go back to school. Yet again the survey shows that it is a hugely stressful time for many parents as they fret and worry about how to pay for all that is required. Feelings of dismay and disillusionment are common too as parents feel the Government is not investing enough in the educational system and subsequently setting children up to fail due to ongoing cuts in supports to both parents and schools. Parents are committed to doing the best for their children. They know the benefit of a decent education. They know it can break intergenerational cycles of poverty. However, equal access to our ‘free education system’ is being strongly attacked and some parents are buckling under the pressure, unable to foot the bill so their children can fully participate in the education system.