Personnel Practice in Early Years Services - A Guide: Revised Edition

Byrne, M. (2005). Personnel Practice in Early Years Services - A Guide: Revised Edition.
For anyone managing a business in a modern environment where change is the norm, it can be a daunting task. There are many regulations to comply with, laws with which you must be familiar and practices and trends that you need to keep up to date with. For those operating in the childcare sector the responsibility is substantial. Working with your staff (and in co-operation with parents and guardians) you are charged with the care and development of our youngest citizens during their most vulnerable years. While there are many things that you as an owner or manager can do to control and influence the standard of services that you provide, childcare is by its nature labour intensive, and in your business you are highly dependent on the skills, integrity and professionalism of your staff. In achieving success for your business you will do so largely through your staff. On any one day you may be expected to be an expert on a range of diverse topics, it could be an accounting query, some personnel matters, occupational health and safety issues or even local authority regulations among other things. But it goes without saying that every day as manager in a small or medium sized business you will be tasked with dealing with staff in a professional, consistent and fair way. Personnel Practice in Early Years Services is an essential tool for anyone running a childcare facility. Focused particularly on the childcare sector it gives a useful summary of important pieces of Irish employment legislation all of which you will need to comply with. It goes further to outline where you need to have formal policies and gives you pro forma guidelines so that you can adapt the template to suit the circumstances of your own particular business. It will guide you from recruitment to selection and appointment of any new staff member including the often sensitive issues of security checks and medical assessments. importantly, the guide also gives you some direction about how to deal with difficulties if they arise, outlining good practice for the management of staff. Your staff are your biggest asset and the success of your business depends on them.While one business can differ from another and one childcare provider will have different structures and operations to another, there are certain basics that apply in all cases. This publication is a tool to help you in your management of staff. It will be most useful if used as such, an item to consult each day as the need arises and to help you overview your current structures and arrangements identifying and filling any gaps that there may be.