Background Paper to Presentation "Challanges in Family Law Proceedings"

White, M. (2013). Background Paper to Presentation "Challanges in Family Law Proceedings".
The Developments in Irish family law, have mirrored the substantial change in the cultural values and social mores of our society, and much more than other areas of law, changing political and sociological values have shaped it. The problems which Irish family law judges face in their daily work are common to all developed societies, child custody, access, and relocation, allegations of domestic violence, the settlement of property and maintenance disputes. In public family law adjudication on care orders and supervising adoption legislation. In its international dimension, implementing international conventions, by adjudicating on child abduction across national boundaries, and the recognition and enforcement of foreign court orders. Historically Children’s law was neglected in the state, which together with the collective failure of our institutions to prioritise child protection, led to a difficult place for vulnerable children