The Role of the Childminder in Early Learning

Barnardos. (2021). The Role of the Childminder in Early Learning.
We know from research that during the first five years of a child’s life, their relationships and experiences actually build their brains and create the foundations for their lifelong wellbeing, learning and development. While parents are the primary caregivers and are responsible for their child’s learning and development, where a child is cared for outside the home, other caregivers also play a crucial role in the child’s learning. As a childminder, you have a lot of responsibility. Babies and young children learn from all their experiences – good and bad – so providing good quality care and learning experiences for them when they are in your home is crucial for their childhood and their future. This resource highlights the many ways of providing babies and young children with the support they need to develop and grow as confident learners. It outlines the importance, in your role as a childminder, of understanding and responding to children’s learning needs, and providing the youngest children in your care with good quality learning opportunities such as play and exploration.