Parenting Positively: Teenage Well-Being. For Parents of Teenagers

Tusla & Barnardos. (2015). Parenting Positively: Teenage well-being. For Parents of Teenagers.
Parents often approach the teenage years with the fear of the unknown, especially with their first child. Up until now their child was fairly predictable, liked to accompany them places and, generally speaking, home was a calm and peaceful place. But parents often feel challenged when their children enter their teenage years as teenagers seem to prefer the company of their friends, have a greater need for privacy and independence, and can become challenging and critical of parents. For the young person this is a time of intense change, occurring at many levels – physical, psychological and social. These changes can occur at intervals or all at the one time. It is this high level of change that brings new challenges to both parents and teenagers. When parents understand the intense change their teenage child is experiencing, it can benefit them in their parenting role and help them to maintain a positive relationship with their son or daughter.