Supporting Parents and Improving Child Outcomes

Barnardos. (2018). Supporting Parents and Improving Child Outcomes.
In February 2018 Barnardos launched its LOST Childhood campaign. The campaign shines a light on the fact that for one in seven children in Ireland their childhood is lost. These children have their dreams and chance at a bright future lost to poverty, homelessness, neglect and injustice. Children make up over a quarter of the population of Ireland, yet they are infrequently at the centre of national policy.1 Children cannot vote and have little say in the political choices which affect them. Poor policy decisions leave children behind. Barnardos works with over 14,000 children and families each year. We see the positive impact of small interventions carried out early enough to give families and children the support they need to thrive. Barnardos is seeking investment in two key initiatives which would support parents, improve child health and development outcomes and reduce child protection incidences.