Parenting Positively: Helping Teenagers to Cope with Bullying

Tusla & Barnardos. (2015). Parenting Positively: Helping Teenagers to Cope with Bullying.
This booklet is for parents of teenagers who may be experiencing or be involved in bullying. It will help you to: Know the tell-tale signs of bullying; Understand the effects of bullying – short term and long term; Find ways to support your teenager through bullying; Find ways to communicate with your teenager if they are involved in bullying behaviour; Find out where you can get help and support. ‘Bullying is repeated aggression, verbal, psychological or physical, racial, sexual or relational, conducted by an individual or group against others.’ Cool School Anti Bullying Programme Bullying is an anti-social behavioural problem which affects thousands of Irish teenagers on a daily basis. It can take the form of verbal bullying, sexual bullying, exclusion bullying, physical bullying and cyber bullying. It may involve physical assaults, harassment or verbal abuse, theft, blackmailing, spreading rumours or deliberately excluding someone from a social group.