Supporting Children: Domestic Abuse and Bullying

Simpson, B., Crosbie, M., Acton, M., & Graham, I. (2009). Supporting Children: Domestic Abuse and Bullying.
Barnardos’ Training and Resource Service are delighted to provide this resource for trainers who work with those directly engaged in work with children and young people. The purpose of this pack is to support and enrich work in supporting children who are dealing with either Domestic Abuse or Bullying. The topics have been researched and developed by Barnardos’ Training and Resource Service in collaboration with members of our Training Panel. The content of this resource is drawn from evidence-based research and practice. Information on both topics includes theoretical background; session plans; an outline agenda; handout and worksheet samples; sample PowerPoint slides on CD; and a resource list. The intention is to provide trainers with material that can be adapted and tailored to suit the needs of individual services with whom they may be working. The pack is based on the principles of adult learning, and provides variety and choice to ensure that the delivered training will make a real impact on the audience and on their work with children. This training resource is intended to be used by those whose role is to support childcare service providers, such as the staff of City/County Childcare Committees, childcare development workers, childcare service managers, childcare trainers or others.