Barnardos Annual Review 2001-2002: Every Childhood Lasts a Lifetime

Barnardos. (2002). Barnardos Annual Review 2001-2002: Every Childhood Lasts a Lifetime.
The Annual Review describes many of the services we provide throughout Ireland. Barnardos will continue to strive for the highest standards in the delivery of our programmes for vulnerable children and their families. In addition, recognising that the resolution of many difficulties for children frequently depends on government policy and provision, or in changing social conditions, Barnardos will increasingly engage in advocacy in the interests of making a real difference for children and families. This strategic development is evident already in the Every Child Matters Campaign, which was launched in March 2002. This two-year campaign will focus in turn on Parents Under Pressure, the impact of poverty on children, and the impact of drugs and alcohol on children. The campaign would have been impossible without the generous support of advertising and marketing industry sponsors, for which we are most grateful. We are delighted that the quality of the campaign has attracted several richly-deserved awards.