Review of Barnardos Services

Barnardos. (2000). Review of Barnardos Services.
Undertaking a review of any organisation is a substantial task. To do so largely from within and at a time of exceptional growth is all the more daunting. That is essentially the challenge we set ourselves in embarking on this process in mid-1999 and it reflects our commitment to ensuring that the review would succeed in making a real difference to Barnardos’ capacity to respond ever more effectively to the needs of children and families. That was and remains the primary purpose of this review. It had its origins in the consultation process in late 1998 on the development of Barnardos’ Corporate Plan for 1999-2002 during which a number of staff teams proposed setting a best practice goal for the development of our services. While this was gratifying it also elicited an understandable concern that, if not accompanied by a relevant strategy, it might be seen as nothing more than an empty aspiration. It also had echoes of our campaigning stance over several years in which we have consistently challenged Government to set the matching of world class provision for children over the next twenty years as Ireland’s vision for her children. This begged the question, if this is what Barnardos is demanding of the Government, what are we doing in relation to those actions over which Barnardos has authority? In other words, if we don’t think the Government should settle for second best, why should Barnardos?