Food Insecurity in Ireland: Impact on Children and their Parents

Coyne Research. (2024). Food Insecurity in Ireland: Impact on Children and their Parents.
This is the 2024 Barnardos and ALDI Ireland Food Insecurity Report. The research found that food insecurity in families with children is worsening. An increasingly large proportion of children are living in homes where parents are; cutting back or going without meals themselves to feed their children; cutting down on essentials such as clothing, electricity, and heat in order to make sure enough food is on their table; and borrowing or resorting to food banks to provide themselves and their children with sufficient food. The Barnardos and ALDI research shows that even more parents are cutting back on their own food, borrowing money for food, relying on food banks, and cutting back on spending on other household activities, including clothing, household bills, medical costs and children’s activities. More parents are worried about their ability to provide their children with sufficient food, as families continue to struggle with cost-of-living pressures.