Cost of Living Crisis: Impact on Children 2024

Barnardos. (2024). Cost of Living Crisis: Impact on Children 2024.
For the past three years Barnardos has been monitoring the impact of cost of living increases on families and children. The latest Barnardos Cost of Living Report outlines the stark reality on the number of families who are cutting back and going without essentials due to increases in cost of living, the struggles families are facing and the impact it is having on their children. Barnardos commissioned Amarach Research to carry out a nationally representative survey with 1,000 parents/guardians with children aged under 18 in their care. The survey was carried out in April 2024. We also discussed cost of living issues directly with parents in over 10 Barnardos services across the country. We surveyed and spoke to staff across our services to get their views on cost of living issues facing the families we support.